Beauty Products that are Bound to Keep You Cool This Summer

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! I found this article in Women’s Health Magazine and I thought it would be beneficial for some of my wonderful readers. Here are a few beauty products that can keep you cool when the temperature outside keeps warming up!

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The Top Three Vitamins for Healthy Skin

Let’s face it- we all want to have brighter and healthy looking skin. Sometimes we go out and buy expense creams and lotions which make promises premised on making us look younger and other times we are adamant about drinking enough water for clearer skin. But what about those essential vitamins? There are a few out there that play significant roles in skin health.
Keep in mind that topical products that are filled with vitamins are beneficial as long as there aren’t any harsh chemicals that overpower them. They can deliver all kinds of goodness to your skin, but you have to smart and read those labels thoroughly.
Let’s look at some vitamins to look out for:
1. Vitamin K
For those of you who suffer from dark circles underneath your eyes, vitamin K may be just the thing that you need. In fact, most of good the dark circle creams, lotions and serums contain an ample amount of vitamin K. This compound plays a role in constricting the capillaries that around found underneath your skin. Those capillaries are giving you that pigmentation in the first place and vitamin K helps to treat it properly.
Be aware that the skin that is found underneath your eyes is very delicate and thin. That’s why the capillaries are able to be seen so easily! Make sure that your eye cream contains vitamin K and if you are interested in consuming the vitamin through your diet, opt for dark leafy greens, basil, cucumbers and sun dried tomatoes.

2. Vitamin E
I’m a huge fan of vitamin E because there are so many great benefits- just for the skin! First of all, it is a wonderful antioxidant that plays a role in getting rid of those toxic free radicals. Once those are removed, signs of aging are removed as well. Additionally, vitamin E moisturizes the skin very well. Some of the wonderful lotions out there contain adequate amounts of vitamin E which keeps your skin hydrated on a topical level.
If you’re looking for vitamin E supplements, this works just as well, but be sure to speak with your health care provider first. For food sources that contains vitamin E, opt for tofu, spinach, avocados and squash.

3. Vitamin C
This is a vitamin that works with so many parts of the body which is why it is so versatile. When most of us think of vitamin C, we think of our immune systems and the common cold. However, vitamin C is a great antioxidant that helps to get rid of free radicals just like vitamin E does. It has a huge ant-aging property.
When looking for topical agents with vitamin C, make sure that the bottles do not let air to seep in readily because it may degrade the compound. For food sources, opt for darky leafy greens and of course oranges.


The Bottom Line

The battle of having nice skin shouldn’t be such a task with the right nutrients. Remember to eat an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables and don’t forget to stay hydrated with water. Stay healthy!


Anita Haridat, Ph.D