4 Tips for A Healthy Halloween Without Swearing off Sweets

It’s my favorite time of year!

Halloween is the holiday that is marked with all kinds of delicious treats. From chocolates to candies to cookies to cupcakes, it’s hard to stay away. There’s no problem with indulging every once in a while because hey, you should enjoy life, but what if you want healthier options during this time of year. You don’t have to make Halloween about sugar filled delicacies all the time.

First understand that Halloween is not just a holiday made for the kiddies. Adults get into it just as much. Whether you’re eating sugary foods at the office or you’re tempted to buy that delicious 3 layered chocolate Frankenstien cake at your local grocery store- it happens! Let’s take a look at how to have your sweets, but in a healthier way.

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  1. Get Dark Chocolate instead of Milk Chocolate

I’m starting with dark chocolate because it’s a guilty pleasure of most of us- especially when this holiday creeps up on us. I know you’re tempted to indulge in all sorts of milk chocolates that are available out there, but you can just as easily eat dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is excellent for your health because it contains antioxidants which fights off toxic free radicals in our bodies. It also plays a role in heart health, just be sure to eat it in moderation. Additionally, make sure to check those food labels for harsh chemicals that are lying around.

2. Fill the Candy Bowl only on Halloween Day

Many people make the mistake of filling up the candy bowl days before Halloween starts. Don’t do this if you can’t control yourself! If the bowl is filled, you’ll be tempted to indulge and before you know it, all of your Halloween candy is gone. When trick or treaters start arriving, start filling that bowl up.

 3. Buy Options that Are Better

Instead of getting the standard Halloween candy that everyone in town seems to get, why not opt for healthier things? Try pretzels, animal crackers and even fruit snacks made out of natural fruit juice. Peanut butter crackers that are mini work well too! These are better options than the standard candy bar or wafer that you may have lying around. Educate yourself and you won’t be susceptible to the sugar war that goes on.

4. Be Active on Halloween Day

If you have children, go out and take them trick or treating. If not, take a walk or do some jogging to burn off those snacks that you might have had. You can look at those wonderful costumes around your neighborhood and you can get your dose of exercise for the day. It’s a win-win situation. Plus, when you get home you can still enjoy a little taste of candy without all of that guilt.

Overall, Halloween should be a fun time of year for you as well as the kids. Don’t let the sugary treats bring you down. Control yourself and moderate your portions. Don’t forget about exercise as well. Have a wonderful Halloween!

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