Enjoy Summer without Sacrificing Nutrition!

Oh, summer. You’re outside soaking up the sun and you’re enjoying all types of fun events. Whether you’re swimming, playing a round of volleyball or simply just tossing around a Frisbee with your dog, who can say that summer is not enjoyable? However, with all of the mindlessness that is going on, are you paying enough attention to the food that you are putting into your body? If you’re like me, sometimes I just nibble on snacks even when I’m talking.

Hey- if they’re sprawled out on the table, they’re game right? Just be careful!

First of all, since the weather is warmer outside we want to eat foods that will be sure to keep us hydrated. This is especially important for athletes who spend hours outside. If this is the case, make sure you stock up sports beverages with electrolytes. However, if you’re just sitting outside recreationally, you still need hydration. Opt for plenty of water and add lemon if you would like. It’s the perfect treat.

When it comes to food, fruits and veggies are the way to go. There is such huge water content in these products and they provide an excellent source of hydration especially when the weather is warm. Let’s not forget that these products tend to be very affordable during the summer so make sure that your kitchen is stocked up properly! Even if you’re eating them raw or cooking them on the grill, they are delicious for satiety in the heat.


We shouldn’t forget that fruits and veggies are loaded with fiber which is excellent for our digestive health. You want to make sure that your bowel movements are healthy and that there is a lack of bloating so that you can enjoy swimming without a problem

Besides foods that keep you hydrated, you should also try to opt for products that play a role in protecting you from damage that can be caused by the sun. Again, fruits and veggies are great because of the great source of antioxidants. Try to look for those that contain vitamin E, selenium and vitamin C. They are particular compounds that are especially used for reversing the effects of sun damage.  Foods that are high in vitamin E include nuts, seeds and eggs. Foods that are rich in selenium are sea food and whole grains and finally foods that are rich in vitamin c are citrus products, and dark greens.

The Bottom Line

The summer season brings us such a great variety of food and we should really take advantage of it. Just be aware that all of the nibbling that you do during down time can really catch up with you. That’s why I like to stress stocking your kitchen up with wholesome foods that don’t contain harsh additives or preservatives. Additionally, if you’re going to light up the grill, make sure the food is safe. You want to stay away from any illness that may occur due to raw meat. Most of all, have a wonderful time and keep healthy eating in the back of your mind.

Beauty Products that are Bound to Keep You Cool This Summer

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! I found this article in Women’s Health Magazine and I thought it would be beneficial for some of my wonderful readers. Here are a few beauty products that can keep you cool when the temperature outside keeps warming up!


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