Easter, Springtime and the Present Moment

For all of those who are celebrating, Happy Easter!

I adore the color of some of the Easter displays throughout the stores. Growing up, although my family and I did not celebrate the holiday religiously, we did receive Easter baskets which were always fun treats.

Here is a small one that I put together this year! I love the decorative pencils and the erasers are absolutely adorable.

Easter 1


Easter 2



The beginning of this holiday reminds me of springtime, flowers and pastels all around. People are just a little more chipper and the air seems fresh. Why don’t we take the time to look around and take in our surroundings? Let’s look at the present moment and remember that we are here. We are not sitting in our past and we are not thinking about 5 years from now. We are here, in this moment- exactly where we should be.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!
“If you want peace, be peaceful. If you want something new, be different. If you want joy, be kind. Be what you want!” – Robert Holden



Anita Haridat, Ph.D

4 Raw Foods to Eat for Greater Nutritional Power

Happy March!

For many health conscious people out there, they find themselves in a huge debacle concerning raw foods and cooked foods. Sometimes, especially with vegetables, heating them and cooking them for too long may actually deplete many of the essential nutrients. That’s why many people have starting eating more foods raw.
The truth is, most foods are healthier when they are in their original natural state. If you are curious about what you should eat raw based on a maximum number of nutrients, I’ve compiled a list for you. Let’s take a look:

1. Broccoli
This is a vegetable that people either hate or love. Even as a child I’ve loved broccoli. But as I’ve been getting older I have to say I like it better when it’s raw. It’s great when it’s in a salad or even when you’re dipping it in some delicious sauce. Broccoli has a plethora of nutrients including vitamin K for healthy skin. There is also a great amount of fiber which stimulates a healthy digestive system. If you cook broccoli for a long period of time, there are chances that the nutrients can be depleted thoroughly. So eat them raw if you can.

2. Cacoa or Raw Chocolate
Many people out there have a sweet tooth and they crave chocolate on the regular. They are probably craving the sugar filled chocolate bars found at almost every store known to man. However raw chocolate has a plethora of nutrients called phytonutrients which actually are known to enhance your mood. When cacao is cooked, these nutrients are depleted and that’s how you get your standard chocolate bar. Plus all of that sugar, milk and chemicals are added which is not beneficial for your health. Do yourself a favor and get some raw chocolate- it’s tasty and you will be guilt free.

3. Garlic
Yes, I know who would actually eat raw garlic? The truth is that this herb is filled with compounds that prevent blood clotting and in turn protect you from heart disease. Many physicians even recommend patients to eat cloves of raw garlic if they are susceptible to heart attacks. When you cook garlic, of course you can smell the fragrance all around the kitchen and even spreading thought the house but the nutrients start to escape as well. If you’re concerned about your heart, munch on about 2-3 raw cloves a day and down some water after if you need to!

4. Fruit Juice that is Raw
The great thing about fruits is that they provide a ton of micronutrients to keep your organs healthy. Instead of consuming juice made from concentrate, why don’t you take the time to juice your own fruit? It’s healthier and you know exactly what is being placed in your drink. If you simply don’t have the time- opt for the organic brands.
Overall, the raw vs. cooked food debacle will continue to exist, but it’s up to you maintain a healthy stance so be smart. Happy eating everyone!

Anita Haridat , Ph.D